North London is the bomb

Today was really our first day to explore. After launching ourselves off with a delicious coffee and an almond croissant from Fork Deli Patisserie, we got out our “to-do” list and got started figuring out our life in London. The high priorities – how to get money, how to spend money and where to hang our hat at the end of the day. So far, everything has gone so easily. I almost don’t want to say that in case I jinx it somehow. The banks didn’t seem to think it would be a problem not having any credit history in England. The same goes for the letting agents – of which there are many.

Fork Deli Patisserie

Fork Deli Patisserie

We decided to walk everywhere today to get a vibe for the different areas in North London. There are so many great neighbourhoods – Angel, Islington, Kings Cross (deemed “up-and-coming”), Bloomsbury, Camden. The list could go on, but after visiting probably 10 letting agents today, we are burned out. We also burned out Phil’s knee, so he was virtually crawling from agency to agency down the main drag in The Angel. We viewed our first flat and ran screaming in horror. That was a slight exaggeration. The flat was the least expensive on our short-list at £295 per week. And yes, you did the math correctly – that is just over $450 Canadian. And yes, that is per week. So a 1 bedroom flat comes in at a minimum of £1278 or just over $2000 Canadian. How about we all agree to just stop converting? That would be fantastic.

The picturesque Angel district

The picturesque Angel district

image via fluid london

The good news is that so far the cost of things hasn’t driven us to drink. I’ve been quite surprised that the cost of food is somewhat comparable. Although I can see eyes rolling from the other side of the globe, since many of you know my favourite grocery store is Whole Foods (a.k.a. Whole Paycheque), so my cost metre might be off. We discovered that Chipotle spans the globe and is equally delicious in London as it is everywhere else. I was just saying yesterday how upset I was that Vancouver just got a Chipotle location and then we leave. Then I turn the corner in Angel, and there sits a Chipotle.

We also got phone numbers today, so email me for details. Canadians close your eyes now. We are paying £20 a month for both of our phones, which includes unlimited data and voicemail. And this is a pay-as-you-go account, since we have no credit history here.


7 thoughts on “North London is the bomb

  1. love this blog so so so much. Your Dad and I just read it together ~ lovely! love you both. This blog is going to be ” DA BEST!” XOXOXO

  2. See. Your mumsy was right about cost of groceries and other amenities being less explensive than Canada. I guess the cost of a flat will more than make up for the difference though.
    Look forward to your next blog

  3. Tara and Phil,
    £20 each for the phones, right? Still crazy cheap. That’s barmy. I really fancy a phone at that price.
    I can see that you are not fanning around about getting a flat, and you’re very special people so the right flat will show up. You’ll find a flat that is cracking.
    The coffee and nosh sounded exquisite and mouthwatering.
    Here’s a guide to British slang –
    It’s great that your first full day in London went so well, and that it was not raining, at least by the picture. Woo Hoo!
    Last night Dale made me the most amazing birthday dinner and cake, and we ate, drank some fine wine and laughed until it hurt. It was a great day yesterday. Ran my best 5k at the Boogie the Bridge race, watched my sister on stage inspire 2,500 people and just had a blast. It always warms my heart to see Jo on stage. She rocks.
    Then I got stuck in Kamloops as the highway home as there was a snow blizzard, which means I “have” to spend another day with my sister and the twins. 🙂
    It’s been a great weekend here.
    Much much much love,

  4. I sent you a reply from work earlier but for some reason it did not send.

    See, your mumsy was right. Things are cheaper in the UK. Well, some things at least. I’ve been watching the weather in London and it says that it dips down to 0 to -1 in the evening and up to 12 to 18 during the day. You might want to unpack your winter and summer stuff. Crazy.

    Love the pix. Very quaint. Go easy on poor Philly. You don’t have to see all of London in the first week – lol.

    Love you lots,

    Mumsy xoxo

  5. p.s. Love the sign in the picture “Hey What’s tomato with you”. Didn’t get it at first until I said it with an English accent. Ha Ha.

  6. Well, I finally made it to your infamous blog!! What a fun time reading your adventures and Tara’s flair for the phrases.

    June asked if I had heard from the “kids” today, and after saying no, a couple of grey cells joined up and I thought and said…..maybe I should check their blog. And sure enough……

    And I finally passed the link on to the Hack clan and the Yamamoto/Turley clan, so you may get a few more visitors. I told Mom/Grandma Hack that I will show her how to use the computer at her place to link into your blog. You never know…..

    Happy to hear that you are settling in. Nothing like comfort food and drink to make you feel at home…….pastry, chocolate and vino.

    Cheers and lots of love.

    Dad & June Bug!!

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