London has called

If this post makes no sense whatsoever, please ignore and wait for the next one. We are slightly, bleary eyed and definitely not thinking clearly. Phil and I made it to our final destination! We are in Bloomsbury – right by Kings Cross. After a long couple of days, we are right knackered. It’s 8pm here (noon back in Vancouver), and we are trying desperately to stay up until at least 9:00. The flight went by quickly, and there was only one screaming child – who was in First Class nonetheless. Phil so nicely gave me the window seat, while he crammed his 6′-2″ body into the middle seat for the 8.5 hours. Unfortunately, between the wing of the plane and the fact that the window shade was broken, I saw basically nothing and had the pleasant side benefit of bright light shining through once the sun came up. Luckily, the thankfully female flight attendant ingeniously made a makeshift curtain that worked wonderfully, and I passed out again shortly thereafter. Phil didn’t get quite as much sleep as I did, but he’s still awake with me now.

It’s quite surreal that I’m staring out at weathered brick buildings built in the 1800’s as I sit in our temporary, rental flat (not apartment!). Much to my dad’s chagrin, we took the Tube from the airport to Bloomsbury with all our baggage and hauled it the 8 minute walk from Kings Cross station. It was a piece of cake, but slow and heavy. The wonderful woman we’re renting off of was left waiting for an extra hour and a half. Thankfully, they let us through the airport quickly and our bags were sitting there waiting when we got to baggage claim; otherwise, we would have been much later.

We’ve already visited the local grocery store and bought up there entire selection of organic fruits and vegetables. Phil and I have decided that it’s a great, fresh start to eating well again. We were pretty good in Vancouver about certain things and pretty horrible in other areas. So far, I’m just hungry and really want a pain-au-chocolat! I hope those cravings will pass, or maybe we’ll let this be our slow transition to healthy eating, which means I get to frequent the cute bakery down the street tomorrow morning. Wait – that is definitely self sabotage. Noted (but maybe not listened to)! And the other problem is that wine is ridiculously cheap and readily available at the grocery store. Of course I want to pair a French Gewürztraminer with my salad for dinner – particularly if it’s on sale for £8.

I’m signing off for now with no pictures. It just seems too complicated to take one, find the charger and the converter and download the photo. We are safe and sound and ready to take on London. Let the games begin! I lied – here’s a picture of our first view outside the tube stop in London. It was recently renovated to the tune of £800 million.

St Pancras Station

St Pancras Station


6 thoughts on “London has called

  1. Hey Tara and Phil, glad to hear you’ve made it safe and sound! I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures! Miss you, love, Lis

  2. Hey Tara and Phil, glad to hear that you’ve made it safe and sound. I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures! Miss you lots!
    Love, Lis

  3. Nice to see that you are already using the local lingo i.e. knackered. Miss you guys already but I kinda feel like I’m on this adventure with you – I’m so excited for you two which is outweighing the sadness of you being so far away.

    Beautiful picture!

    I’m glad to here that something is cheap (wine) even though you may not want to overindulge.

    Keep the posts coming. It’s like an adventure osmossis (excuse the spelling).

    Love you two xoxox

  4. Yes, please keep blogging! Let the adventure begin. Well, it already started, but you know what I mean. Thinking about you 2 nonstop. Much love, Dad

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