Alright… this is getting old fast. I used to pride myself on being an amazing sleeper. Not something my parents gush about. Lately – meaning the last couple of months – I have been all over the map. No problem falling asleep; however, staying asleep is another matter. I find my work very stressful at times and thought initially that that was the cause of my sleepless nights. That argument no longer holds up as this last week has been all about moving to London. The bizarre thing is that I don’t feel particularly stressed about the move. Am I just masking my true feelings? In fact, I often have people telling me how relaxed I look with everything that is going on. My brother, yesterday, said I actually calmed him down by being so relaxed. Could there be another culprit for my middle of the night wake up calls? Diet? Caffeine? Lack of exercise?

Did you know more women suffer from insomnia? Why is that? Are we the worriers of the world?


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5 thoughts on “Insomnia

  1. Quite often I wake up super creative at that time of day. Could it be your creative time? Are you working before you go to sleep, meaning anything like working on the details of your move or your career in London or reading emails that could be “sparking” your brain at 4am? My advice, read a no brainer book before bed, and if you do wake up that early, just be ok with it, and be calm and not fussed and then an hour or so later you will go back to sleep.
    Alternatively……. call me or text me as I am almost always up then. 🙂

  2. Hey……. where are the next posts? I am hungry for some of your great writing. What’s going on, are you a wee bit busy?

  3. Glad I’m not the only one with this problem… Although I’ve been up until 4 am! It really would be nice to find the “off” switch!

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