4:30 AM Wake Up Call

Is it normal to wake up everyday some time between 4am and 4:30? That is absolutely a rhetorical question not worth an answer. For the last couple of weeks, my internal clock thinks this is a normal hour to wake up. It doesn’t matter what time I go to bed, how exhausted I am, whether I think happy thoughts or whether I feel like I got my “to do” list done that day. It’s amazing what the subconscious mind is capable of. You’d think this was a built in survival tactic of the body; however, having to have an afternoon nap in order to make it through the day and feeling generally as if I’m a comatose zombie make me think this is probably not a human survival mechanism. Rather, it’s a weird, Tara Hack, built in feature. And what do you do at 4:30am? Nothing. It’s not a productive time of the day. I usually wake Phil up accidentally by tossing and turning or getting up to get things done. In 530 square feet, it’s impossible to quietly do anything. And right now, we have 4 people staying here. It’s amazing what you can fit in tiny apartments! And based on the size of things in London, I think it’s good we’re not too comfortable in a large space. Woops – just woke Phil up with typing and the fan of the laptop sounding like a jet engine. Now I can get to work at least.


4 thoughts on “4:30 AM Wake Up Call

  1. Tara,
    This is some of the most interesting reading I have read in a while. Have you thought about having two careers? One as an interior designer and the other as a writer. Your writing is very entertaining and engaging.
    I feel your pain, and in the vein of keeping it real, I feel like a part of me is being ripped away, and at the same time, same moment at times, that this is the best thing in the world, to see your child embracing, fully embracing all that is wonderful and that is stressful and that this ain’t no dress rehearsal. That you and Phil are living, really living. Increasing the size and velocity of your orbit in this thing called life.
    In a word. WOW!
    And as you know, I have plunged into many things, and it has not always been a bed or roses or easy or even successful (by most peoples definition), and there is a sense of being alive from this.
    It is so cool to see you and Phil going for it, and changing how your synapses fire.
    Please keep writing as it is a very rich experience sharing your experience and your writing is amazing.
    Much much much love,

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