9 more sleeps

Breathe! Today is the first day I don’t feel completely befuddled about what the top priority is – work, organizing the move, seeing friends and family, and the list goes on. With only a little over a week to go until we leave, I’m seeing everything come together. My last client’s project is just about done. We have movers coming next week. We’re getting together with about 40-50 friends, family and co-workers tomorrow night to celebrate. My family is coming from Victoria and Kamloops to be together this weekend. Maybe this whole thing might just work out. At least if I can get my family to help pack this weekend! 🙂

I want this blog to be part communication for those we won’t see for a while, part educational for what it’s like to move across the world, part sharing about our passions and adventures, part journal and emotional outlet. So you guys have to hold me to this. I would love to look back and have documented all the good times and all the real times, where everything doesn’t go so smoothly. I find myself wanting to share about everything that looks good, but that’s just not reality. When Phil and I found out that London would be a possibility, it wasn’t all roses and smiles. It was a hard decision to take a leap of faith and uproot what we see as our perfect, little life in Vancouver. We love Vancouver. We love that we can run on the seawall in the morning. We love our JJ Bean coffee. We love our work. We love not having to commute. We love the comfort of being home. But a comfortable life is not really worth living for us. My teacher had a fantastic saying that she told me when she found out we were going to London. She said, “This isn’t a practice life. This isn’t a warm-up. This is the real deal.” How true? It’s scary to put yourself out there. I don’t have a job yet. We don’t have a place to live permanently. In fact, Phil doesn’t even have a signed contract. Gasp! The whole thing might not work out. And yet, it could be the most spectacular experience. And that is a risk worth taking.

Please give me feedback along the way if you think I’m being stingy with information or am leaving out anything. And the best is getting ideas of things to do in London, so if you’ve got any tips, please send them our way!

22500 Pages Hadieh Shafie, 2011 Paper, ink and wood panel Victoria & Albert Museum

22500 Pages
Hadieh Shafie, 2011
Paper, ink and wood panel
Victoria & Albert Museum


2 thoughts on “9 more sleeps

  1. Hi Tara,
    So glad you are going to keep in touch! This can not be anything but positive,it will be a major life experience regardless of how things go.So go for it with gusto and realize how lucky you both are to have this opportunity and to share it with each other and now with we your friends and fans!.

    • Thanks Lynn. It’s going to be interesting to continue to research the family tree in England as well, since a lot of our heritage comes from that part of the world. We’re really excited!

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